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Society of
General physiologists


Important 2023-2024 SGP Dates

7 Nov 2023

SGP EpIC Seminar #7, Letícia Galera-Laporta (UCSD), "New roles for ion channels in bacteria"

1 Dec 2023

Junior Faculty Network application deadline

5 Dec 2023

SGP EpIC Seminar #8, Corey Allard (Harvard), "Chemotactile sensing in Cephalopoda"

9 Jan 2024

SGP EpIC Seminar #9, Alexandria Miller (U Iowa), "Viral ion channels"
 6 Feb 2024
   SGP EpIC Seminar #10, Ying Yin (Duke), "TRPM8 channel structure and function"

11 Feb 2024

11th Annual JGP-SGP Mixer at BPS 2024

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