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Cranefield Awardees

The SGP Council is pleased to announce the 2017 Paul F. Cranefield Award winners:

Cranefield Award
Randy Stockbridge, Ph.D. "Mechanism of single- and double-sided inhibition of dual topology fluoride channels by synthetic monobodies" Journal of General Physiology 149 (4)511-522; DOI                   

Cranefield Postdoctoral Fellow Award
Tejeshwar Rao,
 Ph.D. “Synaptotagmin isoforms confer distinct activation kinetics and dynamics to chromaffin cell granules” Journal of General Physiology 149 (8): 763-780; DOI:

Cranefield Graduate Student Award
Dylan Meyer, Ph.D. "On the effect of hyperaldosteronism-inducing mutations in Na/K pumps" Journal of General Physiology 149 (11): 1009-1028


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