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Friends of Physiology

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(in honor of Clay Armstrong and Clara Franzini-Armstrong)

SGP has established an endowment fund (Friends of Physiology Endowment Fund) in honor of Drs. Clay Armstrong and Clara Franzini-Armstrong. The goal of this fund is to provide support for “Friends of Physiology” Lectures and related activities for SGP’s annual symposium. 
Click here to read more about the lecture in JGP.

We will incorporate a “Friends of Physiology Lecture” in all future SGP symposia. With this lectureship, SGP recognizes the lifetime contributions of Drs. Clay Armstrong and Clara Franzini-Armstrong to cutting-edge physiological and cell biological research and in mentoring future leaders in the field. To learn more about Clay and Clara, you can click here to listen to an interview of them by editors of JGP.

The overall fundraising goal is to ensure that this lecture will be self-sustaining in the future and to support other activities for the annual symposium including poster awards, travel grants, and invited speaker expenses. SGP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations will be tax-deductible and SGP will send donors confirmation of receipt of their contribution, per IRS guidelines.

Bequests are, of course, always welcome!

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Friends of Physiology Lecturers

2022:   Kurt Beam, University of Colorado

2021:   Michael Cahalan, University of California Irvine

2019:   Francisco (Pancho) Bezanilla, University of Chicago

2018:   Chris Miller, Brandeis University/HHMI

2017:   Eric Betzig, HHMI Janelia

2016:   Jeff Noebels, Baylor College of Medicine

2015:   Mark Nelson, University of Vermont

2014:   Linda Buck, Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute                Marty Chalfie, Columbia University

2013:   Rod MacKinnon, The Rockefeller University

(L-R) Clay Armstrong, Clara Franzini-Armstrong, and Jeff Noebels

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