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Past Cranefield Postdoctoral Fellow and Student Awardees

2023 Cranefield Postdoctoral Fellow Award
Krishna Reddy for “The archaeal glutamate transporter homologue GltPh shows heterogeneous substrate binding"
J Gen Physiol (2022) 154 (5): e202213131.

2023 Cranefield Postdo Award
Nicole Godellas for “Probing function in ligand-gated ion channels without measuring ion transport"J Gen Physiol (2022) 154 (6): e202213082.

2022 Cranefield Postdoctoral Fellow Award

Fayal Abderemane-Ali
for “Evidence that toxin resistance in poison birds and frogs is not rooted in sodium channel mutations and may rely on 'toxin sponge' proteins” J Gen Physiol (2021) 153 (9): e202112872.

2022 Cranefield Student Award
Colline Sanchez for “Detection of Ca2+ transients near ryanodine receptors by targeting fluorescent Ca2+ sensors to the triad” J Gen Physiol (2021) 153 (4): e202012592.

2021 Cranefield Postdoctoral Fellow Award

Martin L. Prieto for "Spike frequency–dependent inhibition and excitation of neural activity by high-frequency ultrasound" J Gen Physiol (2020) 152 (11): e202012672.

2021 Cranefield Student Award

Cassandra L. Hays for "Resting and stimulated mouse rod photoreceptors show distinct patterns of vesicle release at ribbon synapses" J Gen Physiol (2020) 152 (12): e202012716.

2020 Cranefield Postdoctoral Fellow Award
Sara J. Codding for "The hERG potassium channel intrinsic ligand regulates N- and C-terminal interactions and channel closure" J Gen Physiol (2019) 151 (4): 478–488.

2020 Cranefield Student Award
Aaron T. Bozzi for "Unique structural features in an Nramp metal transporter impart substrate-specific proton cotransport and a kinetic bias to favor import" J Gen Physiol (2019) 151 (12): 1413–1429.

2019 Cranefield Postdoctoral Fellow Award
Gucan Dai
for "Dynamic rearrangement of the intrinsic ligand regulates KCNH potassium channels" J Gen Physiol (2018) 150 (4): 625–635.

2019 Cranefield Student Award
George Vaisey for "An allosteric mechanism of inactivation in the calcium-dependent chloride channel BEST1"
J Gen Physiol (2018) 150 (11): 1484–1497.

2018 Cranefield Postdoctoral Fellow Award
Tejeshwar Rao for “Synaptotagmin isoforms confer distinct activation kinetics and dynamics to chromaffin cell granules” J Gen Physiol (2017) 149 (8): 763–780.

2018 Cranefield Student Award
Dylan Meyer
for "On the effect of hyperaldosteronism-inducing mutations in Na/K pumps" J Gen Physiol (2017) 149 (11): 1009–1028.

2017 Cranefield Postdoctoral Fellow Award
Nicoletta Savalli for The α2δ-1 Subunit Remodels CaV1.2 Voltage Sensors and Allows Ca2+ Influx at Physiological Membrane Potentials” J Gen Physiol (2016) 148 (2): 147–159.

2017 Cranefield Student Award
David Fleck for “Distinct purinergic signaling pathways in prepubescent mouse spermatogonia.” J Gen Physiol (2016) 148 (3): 253–271.

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