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Society of
General physiologists

SGP Committees

*Indicates that the committee is open to SGP members not currently serving on Council.
names indicate committee chairs.

Cranefield Award Committee
Alessio Accardi,
Antoniya Aleksandrova, Eduardo Ríos,
Jon Sack, 
Valeria Vásquez

*Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Committee
Jorge Contreras, Ana Fernandez-Mariño, Jeanne Nerbonne,
Janice Robertson, Valeria Vásquez

Excelsior Award Committee
Henry Colecraft, Jorge Contreras, Ana Fernandez-Mariño,
Valeria Vásquez

Fundraising/Sponsorship Committee
Alessio Accardi, Jorge Contreras

*MBL Student Fellowships Committee
Antoniya Aleksandrova, Ana Fernandez-Mariño, Jon Sack

*Membership Committee
Jeanne Nerbonne, Gregory Malar

Newsletter Committee

Ana Fernandez-Mariño, Catherine Proenza, Valeria Vásquez

Sharona Gordon Award Committee
Merritt Maduke, Jeanne Nerbonne, Janice Robertson

Social Media Committee

Antoniya Aleksandrova
 John Del Rosario, Ana Fernandez-Mariño

Website Committee
Catherine Proenza, Janice Robertson

To inquire about serving on an SGP committee, please complete the form below.

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