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Society of
General physiologists

About SGP

SGP was founded in 1946 "to promote and disseminate knowledge and interest in the subject of general physiology...." Our international membership is made up of nearly 1000 career physiologists who work in academia, government, and industry. We have become known for promoting and nurturing research related to membrane transport and ion channels; membrane structure, regulation, and dynamics; and cellular contractility and molecular motors.

The major activity of the Society is its annual symposium at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, which members can attend at a discounted rate. SGP symposia cover the forefront of physiological research and are small enough to maximize discussion and interaction. Meeting abstracts are published in Journal of General Physiology. The level of excellence is always very high.

Membership in the Society is open to any individual actively interested in the field of general physiology. Categories of membership include regular, young investigator, and emeritus.

Governed by a membership-elected Council, the Society's main office is in New York City.

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