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Cranefield Award

To encourage diligent young scientists, the SGP has created an awards program which recognizes excellence in physiology. In addition to our Symposium awards, the SGP also supports both aspiring and independent young investigators through its Cranefield Award and two SGP Cranefield Student Awards.

The Paul F. Cranefield Award

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The Paul F. Cranefield Award was created by the Council of the Society of General Physiologists to honor Paul F. Cranefield, M.D., Ph.D., who for 30 years served as Editor of Journal of General Physiology. The Award is meant to recognize an independent young investigator who in the preceding calendar year has published an outstanding article in the Journal. It further was stipulated that the Award need not be given every year, that it should be reserved for a truly noteworthy paper. To qualify for this Award, the work being recognized must have been completed within 10 years of the candidate’s first independent position, but the committee will continue to prioritize awards to more junior candidates when available.

The Awardee is selected by the Society's Council based on nominations submitted by the Society membership and the editors of the Journal. Nominations should include the Nominee's name and a complete reference to the journal article, should be signed by the person making the nomination, and should include a brief evaluation of the article and why it is deemed to be outstanding.

Please see the Cranefield award nomination form
Nominations should be emailed to the Society's Executive Office at:

email: admin@sgpweb.org

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SGP Cranefield Student Awards 

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