2005 SGP Symposium: Channels and Transporters

Na, K-ATPase & Related Cation Pumps:
Structures, Mechanisms & Diseases

The 59th Annual Meeting and Symposium of the Society of General Physiologists, a Channels and Transporters meeting, was titled Na,K-ATPase & Related Cation Pumps: Structures, Mechanisms & Diseases. The 2005 symposium, organized by David Gadsby, Jack Kaplan, and Jerry Lingrel, took place on September 6-11, 2005.

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SGP Symposium 2014 Sensory Transduction

2014 Symposium
Sensory Transduction
Organizers Emily Liman and Miriam Goodman
September 2-6, 2014

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APS 2014 Intersociety Meeting

2014 APS Intersociety Meeting
Comparative Approaches to Grand Challenges in Physiology
October 5-8, 2014
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