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Past Symposia

Organizers and Topics

2016Andrea Meredith, Mark Nelson
Genetic & Animal Models for Ion Channel Function in Physiology and Disease
2015 Henry Colecraft, Andrew Marks, and Steven Marx
Macromolecular Local Signaling Complexes (September 16-20)
2014 Miriam Goodman and Emily Liman 
Sensory Transduction (September 2-6)
2013 Nael McCarty
The Enigmatic Chloride Ion: Transport, Regulation, and Roles in Physiology (September 3-7)
2012 Jerod Denton
Integrative Membrane Physiology
in the Post-Genome Era (September 5-9)
2011 Shey-Shing Sheu
Mitochondrial Physiology and Medicine (September 7-11)
2010 Graham Ellis-Davies
New Optical Methods in Cell Physiology (September 8-12)
2009 David Eisner and H. Lee Sweeney
Muscle in Health and Disease (September 9-13)
2008 Ilya Bezprozvanny and J. Jay Gargus
Calcium Signaling and Disease (September 3-7)
2007 Fredric Cohen and Joshua Zimmerberg
Membrane Biophysics of Fusion, Fission, and Rafts in Health and Disease (September 5-9)
2006 Sergio Grinstein and Joseph Falke
Chemotaxis, Invasion, and Phagocytosis: From Bacteria to Humans (September 6-10)
2005 D. Gadsby, J. Kaplan and J. Lingrel
Na,K-ATPase & Related Cation Pumps: Structures, Mechanisms, & Diseases (September 6-11)
2004 D. Hilgemann, P. De Camilli and S. Emr
Lipids Signaling in Physiology (September 8-12)
2003 C. Hartzell and M. Pusch
The Biology of Chloride (September 3-7)
2002 R. Kopito and W. Green
Trafficking in Transporters (September 4-8)
2001 L. Sweeney, E. Holzbaur, and M. Ostap
Molecular Motors (September 5-9)
2000 C. Miller and J. Lanyi
Structures and Mechanisms of Membrane Transport Proteins (September 6-10)
1999 B. Salzberg and J. Kaplan
Optical Methods (September 8-12)
1998 J. Lederer and R. Lewis
Local Calcium Signaling (September 9-13)
1997 G. Augustine & Thomas F.J. Martin
Mechanisms of Secretion
1996 S.C. Froehner & G.V. Bennett
Cytoskeletal Regulation of Membrane Function
1995 D. Clapham & B. Ehrlich
Organellar Ion Channels and Transporters
1994 D. Dawson & R. Frizzell
Ion Channels and Genetic Diseases
1993 D. M. Fambrough
Molecular Evolution of Physiological Processes
1992 L. Reuss, J. M. Russell, M. Jenninngs
Molecular Biology and Function of Carrier Proteins
1991 D. P. Corey, S. D. Roper
Sensory Transduction
1990 P. W. DeWeer, J. Kaplan
6th International Conference on the Sodium Pump
1989 N. Nathanson, T. K. Harden
G-Proteins and Signal Transduction
1988 C. M. Armstrong, G. S. Oxford
Secretion and Its Control
1987 R. B. Gunn, J. C. Parker
Cell Physiology of Blood
1986 D. C. Eaton, L. J. Mandel
Cell Calcium and the Control of Membrane Transport
1985 B. Hille, D. M. Fambrough
Proteins of Excitable Membranes
1984 P. J. DeWeer, B. M. Salzberg
Optical Methods in Cell Physiology
1983 J. S. Graves
Regulation and Development of Membrane Transport Processes
1982 M. P. Blaustein, M. Lieberman
Electronic Transport: Fundamental Principles and Physiological Implications
1981 B. M. Twarog
Basic Biology of Muscles
1980 S. G. Schultz
Ion Transport by Epithelial Tissues: Recent Advances
1979 F. E. Bloom
Peptides: Integrators of Cell and Tissue Functions
1978 N. Gilula
Membrane-Membrane Interactions
1978 R. A. Cone, J. E. Dowling
Membrane Transduction Mechanisms
1977 J. Lash, M. Burger
Cell and Tissue Interactions
1976 J. S. Cook
Biogenesis and Turnover of Membrane Molecules
1975 R. E. Stephens, S. Inou
Molecules and Cell Movement
1974 G. M. Edelman
Cellular Selection and Regulation in the Immune Response
1973 M. V. L. Bennett
Synaptic Transmission and Neuronal Interaction
1972 M. Sussman
Molecular Genetics and Developmental Biology
1971 R. J. Podolsky
Contractility of Muscle Cells and Related Processes
1970 J. J. Blum
Biogenic Amines Are Physiological Regulators
1969 D. C. Tosteson
The Molecular Basis of Membrane Function
1968 F. D. Carlson
Physiological and Biochemical Aspects of Nervous Integration
1967 L. Goldstein
Control of Nuclear Activity
1966 B. Davis, L. Warren
The Specificity of Cell Surfaces
1965 T. Hayashi, A.G. Szent-Gyorgyi
Molecular Architecture in Cell Physiology
1964 J. Hoffman
Cellular Functions of Membrane Transport
1963 D. Mazia, A. Tyler
The General Physiology of Cell Specialization
1962 B. Wright
Control of Respiration and Fermentation
1961 D. Bonner
Control Mechanisms in Cellular Processes
1960 M. V. Edds
Physiology of Development
1959 T. Hayashi
Subcellular Particles
1958 C. L. Prosser
Physiological Adaptation
1957 F. H. Johnson
Influence of Temperature on Biological Systems
1956 T. H. Bullock
Physiological Triggers
1955 A. M. Shanes
Electrolytes in Biological Systems
1954 D. Mazia, R. Y. Stanier
The Functional Morphology of the Cell
1953 S. B. Hendricks
Photoperiodic and Other Time-dependent Responses of Plants and Animals
1952 A. C. Giese
Contributions of Comparative Physiology to General Physiology
1951 D. Mazia
Regulation of Activity and Structure of Cells
1950 W. O. Fenn
Electrolytes and Tissue Function
1949 D. Mazia
4th Annual Meeting of the Society of General Physiologists
1948 H. B. Steinbach
3rd Annual Meeting of the Society of General Physiologists
1947 H. F. Blum, A. K. Parpart, J. H. Bodine
2nd Annual Meeting of the Society of General Physiologists
1946 S. C. Brooks, L. Michaelis, J. H. Bodine
1st Annual Meeting of the Society of General Physiologists

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